Postman 4.10.2

Postman 4.10.2

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Anthony B. Neal

New Features

- All new keyboard shortcuts. Check out the full list in Settings > Shortcuts.

- Faster editing of names and descriptions via inline editing.


- Resizable two-pane layout.

- Duplicate tabs via the context menu.

- Pre-request and test snippets can be hidden now [GitHub #2176].

- Show changelog for skipped versions while checking for updates.

Bug Fixes

- Special characters in URL are encoded correctly now [GitHub #2517, #2529, #2538, #2468].

- Fixed an issue where variables were not resolved while manually authorizing request.

- Fixed various issues in response encoding and rendering [GitHub #2502].

- Fixed encoding issues in generated cURL snippet [GitHub #2579, #2322].

- Fixed an issue where environment variable was removed if the value was 0 [GitHub #2598].

- Chinese inputs are handled correctly in description editors. [GitHub #2163, #2530, #2600].

- Environment variables containing period characters are resolved correctly in URL [GitHub #2629].

- Environment variables containing tilde characters work correctly now [GitHub #2683].

- Floating point numbers in response are now rendered correctly in pretty view [GitHub #2447, #2355, #2703, #2708].

Postman has Products for Every Developer

  • Saved History of API requests
  • Unlimited Collections, Environments, Tests and Sharing
  • Team Library of Collections
  • Extensive team collaboration tools
  • Extended documentation & monitoring features
  • Customizable API Documentation
  • API Monitoring for uptime, performance & accuracy
Postman 4.10.2

Download Postman 4.10.2 for Windows 64-bit

Requirements Windows XP or newer
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Download Postman 4.10.2 for Windows 32-bit

Requirements Windows XP or newer
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File Name Postman-win32-4.10.2-Setup.exe

Download Postman 4.10.2 for Mac

Requirements Mac OS X
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Download Postman 4.10.2 for Linux 32-bit

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Download Postman 4.10.2 for Linux 64-bit

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