Postman 4.9.3

Postman 4.9.3

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Anthony B. Neal
  • Fix a rare issue that caused Collection Runner to not load completely [GitHub #2562, #2568]
  • Fix an issue that caused disabled environment variables to be removed after a request / collection run
  • Fix an issue where url path variables are not resolved in Collection Runner [GitHub #2546]
  • Various Sync and stability improvements
  • Editor font size can be customized now (Settings > General > Editor Font Size). [GitHub #1794]
  • Code generation supports Swift 3 now [GitHub #2415]
  • Fix Persist Variables option in Collection Runner not working correctly. [GitHub #2542]
  • Fix Data file in Collection Runner not being recognized when selected again. [GitHub #2531]
  • Fix run errors not shown in DevTools. [GitHub #2535]
  • Fix invalid Authorization header being generated when OAuth1.0 realm parameter is used. [GitHub #2522]
  • Fix rare issue where request body is hidden after an app restart. [GitHub #2527]
  • Fix issue where a Collection is not selectable as run target after a folder is selected. [GitHub #2525]
  • Fix console.log within scripts logged twice in the Console. [GitHub #2524]
  • Fix issue where unformatted response body is copied to clipboard. [GitHub #2462]
  • Fix rare issue that causes auto updates to fail.
  • Fixed an issue while reading data file in Collection Runner [GitHub #2514]
  • Redesigned Collection Runner
  • Two-pane view (Cmd/Ctrl + Alt + V)
  • Context menu for closing tabs
  • New setting to open all requests in a new tab (Settings > General)
  • Various improvements for tabs
  • New warnings in environment editors when duplicate keys are used
  • Cleaner default filenames while exporting data
  • Various fixes for authorizations
  • Stricter YAML parsing for Swagger imports. [GitHub #2475]
  • Fixed an issue that omitted request body in generated code. [GitHub #2325][GitHub #2447][GitHub #2478]
  • Fixed Markdown encoding. [GitHub #2456]

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  • Saved History of API requests
  • Unlimited Collections, Environments, Tests and Sharing
  • Team Library of Collections
  • Extensive team collaboration tools
  • Extended documentation & monitoring features
  • Customizable API Documentation
  • API Monitoring for uptime, performance & accuracy
Postman 4.9.3

Download Postman 4.9.3 for Windows 64-bit

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Download Postman 4.9.3 for Mac OS X

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