Developer Tools

Prepros 6.0.16

Fixed a crash while uploading files via SFTP on slow network connections.
Prepros-Windows-6.0.16.exe - Prepros

Postman 5.0.2

Various stability and performance fixes
google drive Postman-win64-5.0.2-Setup.exe - Postman

Postman 5.0.0

Fixed an issue where some URL parameters were duplicated in Collection Runner ...
Postman-win64-5.0.0-Setup.exe - Postman

Postman 4.11.1

Fixed an issue that caused example response language to reset on save ...
Postman-win64-4.11.1-Setup.exe - Postman

Postman 4.11.0

Fixed an issue where deleting a single character from a variable removed the full variable.
Postman-win64-4.11.0-Setup.exe - Postman

EmEditor 16.7.2

Fixed the bug where importing a large number of filters in the Advanced Filter dialog box could freeze EmEditor
emed64_16.7.2.exe - EmEditor
30 days trial version

Postman 4.10.5

Fixed an issue which caused HTML elements in response to not be copied correctly
google drive Postman-win64-4.10.5-Setup.exe - Postman

EmEditor 16.6.0

Fixed the issue related to list boxes in dialog boxes. List boxes in the No Wrap and Highlight page of configuration properties were improved
google drive emed64_16.5.0.exe - EmEditor
30 days trial version

MobaXterm Home Edition 10.2

Vulnerability fix: embedded TFTP server does not allow users to retrieve a file outside root directory anymore: fixes CVE-2017-6805
google drive - MobaXterm Home

RapidWeaver 7.3.1 OS RapidWeaver 7.3.1

Fixed an issue where page migration could be called unnecessarily ...
google drive - RapidWeaver
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